ℛandom pick up from Bershka.com

 Very cute package, actually turns into a folder ! (handy for college).
 The Fringe Top.

bought a Size medium,a little tiny bit TOO BIG!

 Super cute shoes I saw in the magazine that came with my order.
Today I went around town getting a few errands done then I went to Blanchardstown to pick up a top I ordered from Bershka online (link below) .It's really quite handy ordering to shops because it's FREE !,really quick and you can decide when to collect it other than it arriving when you may be out and about.So I picked up my Fringed Top  which i basically ordered cause i thought the print was cute "Insert L∇ve Here" .The down side is its a tiny bit to big and the up sides are I really really like the top,The style and it was cheap enough so I can live that that.

Ok,so I saw these really cute light blue shoes which are part of the Bershka A/W collection and I was in L∪V with them immediately,ill probably pick them up during this week and put them up as part of a haul in a while.

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