Best(s) and Worst buy of Summer 2012

Since summer is over decided to do a Best and worst buy of summer 2012 so i have picked the best things i bought or received this summer and the worst things too.I'd like to end on a high to lets start with the absolute worst.

This Ugg Boots where definitely my worst buy (can you spot what's wrong with hem ?).... anyway I got them from who are an official retailer of genuine uggs so I thought hey why not go cheaper and save like 85 or so euros against the dollar currency.So I ordered them online for $150 plus like around 20 dollars international shipping.Apart from the horrible customer service at there were three things that pissed me off.
  1. They took like a week instead of the standard 2 working days to actually put the boots in the post to me.
  2. The boots took like almost a month to get here and it was supposed to take 6-12 days at most.(I have ordered things from China that took like 5 days to get here via UPS.)
  3. And finally The shoes arrived and they were 2 Right footed boots (Imagine my face when I realised this).
It was super obvious they had just thrown the"try on" ones from the shop floor into the box and shipped it off when they realised its been a week and they still hadn't shipped the boots.I called the customer service to speak to one of their customer care agents who apologised and said shed speak to her supervisor and moments later she tells me ill get a full refund for the shoes including my shipping.I explain that I didn't even want a full refund,I would have preferred a replacement but clearly they went willing to replace the boots as they were more willing to save there money and cut their losses and I quote were happy"leaving the two right footed uggs in my care"...AND im like what am I meant to do with that ??? ....they'll probably end up in the bin if by the time your reading this they are not already.

"If you receive an item that is defective, damaged or incorrect, you must notify us via email within 5 business days of receiving the merchandise. Please keep the original box and packaging materials in the case of damage. We will email you a UPS label for returning the merchandise. A replacement will be sent, if available, upon receipt - with the condition that merchandise has not been worn or washed with all tags attached." -ShopTheShoeBox 
All in all it was a really bad experience and even though clearly according to their policy I notified them within the 5 working days,they did not stick to their damages or defective product policy and replace the boots so i'd definitely advise people not to order from as they clearly dont know how to treat customers.

So my favourite new perfume is my Michael Kors-Very Hollywood perfume my mum got me for my Birthday just at the end of the summer. I LOVE IT..smells great and the bottle is so pweety,the card behind it was given to me by my DN/bestie Kelly, I didn't get a good picture of it but it says at the top "friendship is always in fashion".awesome !

My mismatched gold cross earrings from Asos were also a fave buy of the summer.I Wear them all the time,absolutely looooooove them.

And saving the best for last My "Jeffery Campbell" Lita shoe.Bought them at the end of the summer absolutely love them they are easy to walk in make any outfit just that little bit better and also their stunning and I constantly get complimented when I wear them...they are from a New York based online retailer called Karmaloop and they arrived on time in perfect condition.The pic of the girl in the Litas is from google because its pretty late and night time photos are just not the same. So anyways They are my absolute fave shoes right now,well until my next pair arrive.

So those are my Best and worst buy of Summer 2012..we'll see how A/W 2012 goes,well until another day, Peace and love.

p.s I might do a clothing version of my best and worst...keep a look out now xoxo

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