B□x Braids 𝐸ndlessly In 𝕊tyle ❤

Box braids, micro braids, yarn braids, whatever your calling them, there is definitely a current trend for braids, and we are talking, 90's style long chunky braids, the okpo twin's, Vashtie, and jewellery designer Nyne have been rocking the throw back style for a while, but you could say the trend has gathered speed due to the likes of Solange, Willow Smith, Chrisette Michelle, and Joy Bryant all rocking braids on red carpet events some what heightening it's appeal. 
There has been some backlash on the style, one of the writers over at coco + crème believe the look to be dated
However the style stems back further than Janet in poetic justice(shock lol), braiding our hair is apart of our heritage that has never been out of style. it's a wardrobe staple so to speak, it's a great way to rest your hair,  braids can be regal, boho, classic, work appropriate, and trendy.
[source:Natural Belle]

I personally think that braids are a part of black culture in general and the tradition of my country (Nigeria).Iv'e been getting my hair braided for as far back as i can remember. I think it is really popular not just because celebrities such as Willow smith,and Solange Knowles wear it but because its beautiful,classy, sophisticated yet  moderate.And I certainly dont think it should be referred to as a "classic style".... Braids,box braids,cornrows or whatever we choose to refer to them as are always in Style! they certainly never look outta style.

SPEAKING of which im getting my hair done in box braids on Thursday,appointment booked in the city at my hairdressers for 9am because lets face it it takes time to look good especially when getting braids done.I will take pictures and put them on this blog,filling in the process,time ...how long it takes to get done and what the result/end finish looks like.Let it be known i havent had box braids done in ages so this will be Interesting. Laters x

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