Let's goTo IKEA....Room Revamp:Phase 1 (Ikea and Dunnes Stores)

I randomly decided to update my room's interior/look.. I really want to make it more mature and sophisticated.So Being the control freak I am i have devised 4 phases for the complete Revamp of my room to happen...illustrated with pictures below is phase one.

Did not like Ikea's range of light cover thingys (what are they called ?) .....

Loved,loved,loved this.. I bought it too....took me ages to put up actually...BACK- BREAKER! 
I photograhed a stack of bins..yay

I only got three things in Ikea,Carpet a new papaer bin and "Tindra" tropical scented Candle....smells yum :)

 I settles for a white clothing rack it's not even in this picture..it's much much more prettiers than these ones 

 You can never get enough Storage boxes..especially if you a girl !!!

 A bit Random
 I loved this but then I consulted Mona (my friend/college classmate) and she says it's a NO! 
 Love this mirror but I have one like it already :(....

 Havent decided on a frame..or a picture..soo many options :/

Decided on the black one

Actually already have this lamp in yellow...got it years ago.

And...That was phase: 1...three more to go.

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