November Wish-list !!! /Stuff I look forward to this Month.

Bag- Zara


Pencil Skirt- Topshop

Lipstick- Rebel

Lipstick pencil- Currant by Mac.

YAAAY .... it's a new month, i keep forgetting,it's kinda like when i just finally get into saying it's blah blah month we are already in another ..oh well i'm Just randomly listing 5 things id like to get in November,kinda like a "to get list".(i'd probably just end up getting random stuff i dont bugget to buy) but i like making plans and listed above are stuff i want or have wanted for a while.The red Faux fur coat I have been dying for but it's stil currently SOLD OUT !! :(
hopefully before the end of November it would be back in stock.
I really like the bag from Zara and it's only €39.99 ..amazing or what ? and I'm in need of a new black bag.
Rebel has been on my hitlist for a while but then i just keep buying a different lipstick when i go in..(laughs !) plus The currant lip pencil makes it POP !
and the pencil skirt is one i want but im unsure about,ill see if I can find dupes online before I purchase.

And just 3 random things im looking forward to this month is this month's Company magazine issue, The sims 3 Seasons expansion pack.....

And of course BREAKING DAWN:PART 2 !!!

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