New Year-Wishlist Edition: 2013 ;)

When it comes to clothes I really don't have any specifics as of now. I think ill just head into the sales in January at the location of Dublin city as per usual and see what catches my eye. I actually own the clothing rail in this picture The clothing Rail is from Ikea I got it a while back, it was ridiculously cheap I love it.
 Lovestruck by Vera wang and La vie est belle by Lancome are Trés Trés high on my wish list for early next year.These perfumes smell really good and have extremely beautiful bottles.

 So these are in my make up wishlist for early next year,I wanna try something new so im gonna give Nars cosmetics a chance and try their matte foundation. Im still loving the oil control lotion from Mac  so ill most likely be purchasing that and aslo repurchasing the Lush Love Lettuce mask from a previous post I am STILL loving and then the Mac concealer also.

Im liking the whole fur collar and scarf kinda thing so I am most likely gonna try and get some during the sales in January. These two are from Topshop

 Pandora designs, manufactures and markets hand-finished and modern jewelry  but are best known for their charm bracelets in this part of the worldI'm currently thinking of rebuilding my Pandora bracelet charm collection.Naturally I think I would get the turquoise blue bead charm (my fave colour) and the camera charm and we'll see how it goes over the year.Ive also included The Peridot ring also by Pandora.I picked it specifically because it's my birthstone (August) plus I have seen it on people and I know time doesn't have a great impact on the silver so you can see it has a lot of advantages I may or may not invest in this ring but most likely I will.

Now, Saving the best for last. I have been a bit touch and go with actual creepers but wedge creepers are stunting (yes ...dats right ? ..I said Stunting) I was looking at a pair in New look yesterday and honestly it took all willpower in me not to buy the ...YET !!! emphasis on the yet,im currently on a STRICT spending hibernation until the new year !! 
So yes Mon amies these bad boys are on the Wish list for early 2013,which style is your fave ?, comment below.

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  1. Love the fur collar, have been waiting for one of my friends to get one so I could compliment them on it :P


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