My Current Hair Favorites

Argan Oil Shampoo
Argan Oil treatment
Olive Oil-edge control
Treséme-Salon finish hairspray
Grace Cole Fruit Works-Body Butter and Scrub
Herbal Essences-intensive hair mask

Hi everyone,I just thought i'd do an update on the products i'm currently using for my hair at the moment.For some weird reason I have covered the Herbal Essence intensive mask with the shampoo,that's quite funny as im only realising it as I type this now. (LOL)

Anyways I looove the Argan Oil shampoo and hair treatment oil.It really hydrates hair (my Brazilian hair weave) and keeps it looking healthy and shiny,I have had the hair in about 6 weeks now. Moroccan oil is not the sticky-grease kind of oil you would expect when applying any type oil in your hair,it absorbs well and makes your hair shiny and basically keeps it feeling great.I only apply 4 or 5 drops after I wash my hair on wash day.
All in all I can now understand and agree with the hype over Argan oil for hair,it's Fabitty Fab !

Olive Oil edge control has both Advantages and dis-advantages even though I love this product I have to be honest,for the first hour after applying it you will experience really sleek and smooth edges but after some time it starts to leave some white residue which is SUPER! annoying but it can be decreased with hairspray which is where the Treséme salon finish comes it. 
The intensive hair mask by Herbal Essences is simple great,it does what it says on the tub my hair is left smooth and shiny after I use it plus it has a great smell too so it's a Win-Win situation.

So in conclusion I would recommend all the products I have stated above but the Olive oil edge control is quite hard to manage but once to know how to deal with it then it's a walk in the park.

P.s I have basically just thrown in my Grace Cole body butter because im obsessed with the smell,soooo fruity.

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  1. Lovely blog, great post:)
    Would appreciate it if you would check out my blog:)

  2. Love this , I use the organix Moroccan Argan oil , it's only 6.99 from boots and its made my hair soooo much healthier!!! X

  3. I KNOOOWW its fab:)

    thanks for your comment luv xxx

  4. Hey girl :) love the review...a lot of people been talking about how great argan oil is, maybe it's high time I try it out myself.

    1. You should totally try it out,Its great for hair :D

  5. Hello there,

    Followed the link in your email to me via IFB.

    Isn't it interesting how many products it takes to get our hair looking as we want it too? lol

  6. I love this, it's so great to see a review thats got something slightly different
    and a bit special too! Please keep it up, really can't wait to see more :) xxx

  7. I have been using argan oil religiously for the past two years and I must say it's my go to product always. I have naturally thick curly hair and it takes a lot to keep my hair moisturized and healthy but argan oil works so well for me! Great review.


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