Review: Neutrogena Daily wash (Tangerine and Lime)

So Im doing a rant-style review on this product "Neutrogena Visibly clear pore and shine daily wash" in Tangerine and Lime. I just bought it recently and Im just going to cut to the chase and say I HATE IT !. I feel like this is my first bad review of a product on my blog but it is well deserved by Neutrogena on this one.

The product was bought by me when it was on a half price sale for €3 because the whole Neutrogena range was on sale and HONESTLY im a fan of their products which are very good and help with my spot and blemish control (E.g Neutrogena Wash and Face mask), I hardly ever get spots. After I used this product once at night for my usual facial cleansing regime the next day I noticed tiny spots all over my face. At first I didn't suspect the actual product i thought it was just the normal rare occurrence of spots I get once every couple of months but then I got more and more so then I realised the new Neutrogena face wash was actually causing the breakouts all over my face.

As you can see in the photos above,i used up quite a bit of the product because i didn't know whether it was the product at first but now i now that this product is a NO NO! for me anyways so I just thought i would do an honest review of it here and tell you guys what I think.

Comment below any products that break you out crazily so I know to stay away from them x

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  1. I thought this would be really lovely :o( xx

  2. thanks for the review, i'll know to stay well clear now! sorry to hear it broke you out! xxx

  3. great review <3 sorry to hear it broke you out!
    check out my latest post to :

  4. I wish I had come across this earlier. I used the same product and got some acne on my face (painful, but not too prominent)..And I hardly get these things! :( I am using Fuller's clay and Aloe Gel... What did you use to get rid of the acne this shit caused you? I am desperate for anything that helps..

  5. I think this is lovely. It’s my first time hearing about this wash (what I meant was the flavor). Hehehe
    ~Pauline @neutrogena philippines


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