Oasis Dublin Tailoring/Styling event A/W13

Hey dolls so In the Last couple of days (Thursday to be precise) I attended Oasis Dublin's V.I.P evening with my friend Eunice (Vlog at top of post). The evening consisted of the oasis' collection for A/W13 mainly work wear and outfits for outings for women in their 20's and 30's.The designer basically required our feedback on current designs and comments on where there could be improvements in the collection, perhaps maybe if something was missing ? if any.

So what did I think ? 
I absolutely had a great time, the women and staff were lovely and answered questions well and through.I thought the designs hit the target market head on and were very trendy, youthful but at the same time classy and sophisticated enough to wear in the workplace or for important occasions. I tried on the blue dress seen above on the model on the right. It was very flattering and it plays well with curvy people and also gives curves to those lacking that much of it (me!..lol).

All in all it was a fab night I loved the clothes and I had a great time with Eunice and the girls from Oasis Dublin.So thank you guys for a fab night.

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  4. I am in love with all these gorgeous prints!
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