Review: Lush Popcorn Lip Scrub

I picked this Lush Lip scrub up last year initially,in the middle of winter where having chapped lips is a viral epidemic. this Lush Lip scrub absolutely saved my skin( Literally ), the skin of my lips that is. So  as you can imagine after getting my second one from a friend as a gift (Thanks Grainné) I was ecstatic and itching to review this product. So let's get to it...


- Makes lips visibly smooth and soft
- Tastes like caramel and popcorn
- Animal friendly (no animal testing)


- Quite expensive for a lip scrub
- Grains tend to fall all over (although care can be taken)
- Temperature needs to be controlled 

So..... would I buy this again ?

Definitely,  I love this lip scrub which is why this is my second tub and also it tastes so damn good,kinda salty at first but you get used to the flavor and also theres plenty of variety provided by lush such as bubblegum Mint.. etc.

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  1. Amazing!!!
    However i wish have your lips!
    Stay in touch,
    chicates from Greece

  2. I love how you've put actual popcorn there, lovely photos :)

  3. great review!
    check out my latest post:

  4. just fell in love with your blog and videos.
    I love everything

  5. Ive been suffering with dry lips lately so I may try this out! Sounds really good xo


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