Why you should buy Loréal's True Match Foundation !

       Hi dolls,So this is a semi-requested post as a reader of mine asked my opinion on the best foundations for oily skin, I was able to tell her about other foundations except loreal's foundation range as I had never tried any of their foundations before. So I popped into Superdrug the other day and I picked up Loreal's True Match Foundation,I've been wearing it ever since because it's AMAZING! On the bottle it says it "Matches Skin colour and texture" and it definitely does that!

I did a whole 8 hour test which I usually do with my foundations and it was definitely not oily in fact it was very,very matte (more matte than my Bobbi Brown for sure) ,which to be honest was very surprising as I have really really oily skin especially around my T-zone.Plus It didnt break me out which is always something im worried about when trying  new foundation.

Prior to this I have never tried a loreal foundation before and I can honestly say I've been left with a good impression after trying out this true match foundation so I wont hesitate when it comes to purchasing Loreal Foundations in the future. 

Have any of you dolls tried any loreal foundation ? comment below, id love to know what you think x


- Great coverage 
-Cheaply priced
- Really matches skin colour
-goes on smoothly
-long lasting 
-very Matte


-Transfers a bit too easily
-Might be 1 shade to light (I go 1 shade darker during the summer)

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  1. I love this one, I had 2 of them :> You should try Rimmel Wake me up, I love it so much more than this one, it has all the pros but no cons :)
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  2. OK I will Khloe :D x thanks for commenting x

  3. I've actually been wanting to try this, going to pick it up next week. I have oily skin too so I hope it does me justice. I can't decide on whether to get Cappuccino or Cocoa, I'm struggling to see the difference lol :/

    Mona - Supremelise

  4. I'm loving your blog-so cute! I've nominated on my page for a thing called "The Liebester Award", check it out and see if you're up to the challenge! ;) Jill x


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