Urban Decay Naked 3 palette!

So rumours have been swirling around the bloggersphere for weeks about a possible new Urban Decay Naked pallette and It's so exciting that Urban Decay have confirmed it today. click the link here to see the video where Urban Decay reveal the "Truth" about the Naked 3 palette rumours >> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rYb1GsMPOr8

So I am personally SUPER! excited for this palette as i'm a neutral palette junkie, I almost always only buy neutral palette and I do buy colour palettes but rarely.... Besides, who doesn't love a good smokey eye ???

"Is it just our obsessed selves, or does it seem that multiple shadow pans from Naked 1 and Naked 2 could have been popped into here to create the appearance of a new palette? The shade “Dust” looks a helluva lot like our beloved highlight shade, "Sin," while what we hope reads “Blackheart” looks suspiciously like "Busted." Finally, the typeface below each pan just doesn’t look like the high quality we’re used to seeing from our beloved UD." - Refinery 29

Indeed alot of the shades look alot similar to some shades from 1 and 2 but I don't care, im too much of a Naked palette Junkie to care...loool. Anyways So as of yet theres no announce date, but it's going to be probably early 2014, EEEK looks like 2014 is going to be an exciting year for all the make-up lovers out there. Ill definitely do a review of the Naked 3 when it's out and some make-up looks of course.
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  2. I can't wait for this palette to come out!!

    Livia Agyekum


  3. I love it, dear! <3


  4. Oooooh, cannot wait! Loving the progress of your blog as well lovely :)


    Lola Faith

  5. Everyone's been raving about that pallet. I'm so jelly you have it


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