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Lupita Nyong'o is quickly becoming a household name all around the world.This is mainly due to her phenomenal performance as Patsey in Steve McQueen's Sensational 12 years a Slave and her amazing Outfits that stand out on Red Carpets across the Globe. she is essentially the new "IT Girl" Of hollywood.
I first Encountered Lupita as "Ayira" In an African Soap Opera called Shuga in which she played an ambitious party girl who was struggling to make it in life for her family. This was prior to her role in 12 years a slave, so you could have imagined my surprise as I spotted a character I had become so fascinated by as I watched 12 years a slave.

So who is Lupita Nyong'o ?

  • Lupita (30) was born in Mexico (Hence her Mexican name) and raised in Kenya, Although Lupita was sent back to Mexico at the age of 16 to learn spanish.
She speaks of her bi-cultural upbringing 
"it's gotten me into a lot of trouble: Kenyans want to claim me and, now, Mexicans do, too."

  • Lupita studied "Film and Theatre" at the Hampshire College.

Lupita Speaks of Ralph Fiennes, "When I told him that I wanted to be an actor, he sighed heavily and said, 'Lupita, if there's anything else you want to do in your life, do that. Only act if you can't live without it,'.

  • Lupita got the first Role she auditioned for after graduating from the Yale school of Drama (12 years a slave),  she beat 1000 other Actresses for the role of Patsey.
  • Lupita found it hard to Admit to herself and her parents that she wanted to be an actress, although she realised if she never did it one day she'd be 60 and regretful that she never took the bold step. 
  • Lupita is the current Face of Miu Miu 2014, alongside Elle Fanning and Elizabeth Olsen. 
With a long list of nominations Lupita has already picked up the Screen Actors' guild awards for her supporting role in 12 years a slave and is also nominated for an Oscar too and I wish her the best of luck on the 2nd of march 2014. 

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