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In order to commemorate my trip to Nigeria I decided to  do an exposé on a notable Nigerian designer and visual haute-couture designer Adeola Sageo.
The best thing I believe a person could have is pride in is who they are, in their country and most importantly in their culture. A fascinating woman has achieved all of the above,which led to the inspiration for this post. Sageo is a conqueror that has used her voice through their designs to express Nigeria’s culture to the world through different unique designs using expressive colourful fabrics inspired by Africa.
 So who is Adeola Sageo ?

Adeola Sageo is a highly acclaimed fashion designer from Ondo state in Nigeria. Sageo began to design in 1998 and since then has gained international fame for her lively, edgy and colourful designs. She’s a mother of three who studied at the University of Miami and University of Lagos with a Masters in Finance and Management. As one of Nigeria’s best known fashion designers Sageo has won numerous awards including the Best African Designer awards and has represented The continent of Africa at New York Fashion Week.
Sageo’s work has been compared to a works of art and famous faces like that of Will smith ,Samuel.L Jackson and Oprah Winfrey have attended her shows. Sageo finds new ways to constantly incorporate African vibes and cultural characteristics to her design and that is truly admirable and without doubt unique.
  “My biggest inspiration is Africa, the different textures, the colours, the culture, the people, the the vibe
-Adeola Sageo.

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  1. Her works are amazing aren't they! They look fab :)


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