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Top// Zara  Skirt// Zara Boots// Primark Necklace// Forever 21

Hi Lovelies, So it’s been a while, I apologise for my inconsistencies and lack of regular posts. I could come up with a good excuse for why i haven't blogged in a while but that would just be a waste of time because I really don't have a good one, just a mixture of procrastination and lack of inspiration. But I am in the process of drawing up a regular upload schedule.Moving on to today’s outfit of the day aka OOTD…..

Today’s outfit is a transitional outfit into the new Autumn season, I’ve paired my cropped jumper with my grey Pencil skirt, They are both from Zara which is not surprising as my readers would know I’m forever obsessed with Zara. On my feet I’m wearing my Primark super high ankle boots, they are extremely heavy but so worth the hassle...After all looking good sometimes involves a bit of pain. These shoes will definitely give you a work out on a casual shopping or errand-running day.

To complete the outfit I added my Forever 21 Gold collar necklace, which stays true to my minimal style and and gives my outfit an elegant and dimple finish. 

In conclusion, That’s was my Outfit of the day,just a very transitional outfit with the cropped light jumper and the skirt,pretty soon tights will be needed and scarves.
 I hope this season is good to you all and I hope you all stay blessed.

    “Women who wear black lead colourful lives.” -Neiman Marcus.

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