Autumn Staples & Accessories Wish list #1


Zara:  Coat (link) // Bag (link) // Boots (link)

Hi Lovelies, so I wanted to share with you some of the things that has been on my "To Buy” wish list.  These are just some essentials to get me and inspire you for autumn winter. I hope you enjoy this post, and I would love to know about any cool things that are on your wish lists also, so don’t be shy when dropping the comments below.

The Coat: I first fell in love with this coat on my 21st birthday trip to Paris but I was strictly forbidden from purchasing it by my best friend & personal style blogger Eunice (Fashion Enthusiast).  I actually think I wanted to go on a mad spending spree just because I could but I decided spending €165 on a coat would not be the brightest Idea so I decided to wait until the next 12am sale (waiting for the e-mail ;)  where hopefully that beauty of a coat will be mine. I'M LEGIT STALKING IT ! 

The Bag: This Zara bag has been on my wish list for AGES since before I even left Ireland! But Since I knew I was moving to the Uk I knew it would be a bad idea to add to my moving load. I will be picking this bad up in the following weeks and I really can't wait. A friend of mine thinks its funny how I like to carry big bags yet I'm a small person.

The Boots:The Boots: Chelsea boots have a timeless style and come with endearing attitude. I really need a new pair. I brought my old knee high Zara pair with me to the England, although they are getting kind of old and beaten up. So a new quality pair of boots are on my to "buy list". I always buy my boots in Zara because you can get really quality stuff for a decent price.

H&M: £14.99 Hat (Link)// Scarf £7.99 (link)// Scarf (link)// Bag £29.99 (link)// Scarf (link)//Sneakers £19.99 (link)// Loafers £9.99(link

The Hat: I have a really big head *Laughs*, so I can never find hats that I am in love with that fit just right. I would love to get a nice hat that looks and feels good. I always seem to get all my hats in H&M.... Strangely enough, let's just hope a Size L fits my head and potential future weaves.

The Scarf:  This winter, scarves have become a statement accessory in their own right. As soon as New York Fashion Week got under way last season, there was a renewed focus on the scarf -scarfs were styled up as statement pieces and were made to complete signature runway looks. 

The Bag: Another amazing H&M find and to me this is the epitome of a STEAL at €39.99 in Paris so I may buy the black one.  I'm super impressed with the quality and how it looks super high fashion and sophisticated without breaking the bank. They offer the options of wine (which I own) and grey as well but I opted for  black on my wish list since I have it in blue and wine so a nice black one can be very versatile in my wardrobe.  

The Sneakers:  Sneakers are perfect for my super comfortable styleas they can really dress down a n overly "dressy outfit". This way you can get away with looking dressy casual even when you’re looking extra "Pimping". I want a pair of sneakers I can wear on a casual day to Uni.
The Loafers: I think Loafers speak for themselves…. They are generally comfortable easily slipped on shoes. I just love them really.

Casio - men's Rose gold £28.94 (link) // Michael Kors £275 (link) // Marc Jacobs £275 (link)

Rose gold watches are quite high on my wish list this autumn/winter. I used to be a bit iffy about Rose gold to be sincere, but I have reached a place in my life *laughs* where I think a rose gold watch would be a great addition to my wardrobe.

The Casio watch is one that I am seriously considering, honestly I didn't used to pay much mind to Casio watches but let's just say I have been educated by FORCE! About how cute they really are.

Michael Kors' latest Lexington Chronograph watch is available in a rose gold version apart from the original Standard gold version. 
I'm not particularly a huge fan of Marc Jacobs watches, I feel like the frame/face of the watches they produce are far too small but I am considering a Rose Gold watch from them also.... try something new. 

 Nars lipstick- Heat Wave (link) £19.50 // Bobbi Brown foundation stick -Espresso £29 (link) // They're Real Gel liner  £18 (link)  

Lipstick: I want to pick up a high-end lipstick and I suppose it's quite shocking that I don't own any actually. I guess I'm just a big o'l Mac girl at heart. I am getting sick of my signature Red lipstick, which is why I haven't worn it in months. I thought it's about time I found a new red lipstick to love.

Bobbi Brown: I want to get the darkest shade of this stick foundation so I can use it as a contour stick. I saw some random other YouTube do it and now I want to give it a try as I’ve always used sleek’s Contour kit, we all know that sleek product is not particularly dark enough for contouring.

They're Real Gel Liner: I recently bought the "They're real mascara" and with it I got a sample size of the gel liner version. I'm extremely excited to pick up a full sized version of this simply because its Amazeballs! “Yay to trials and testers.”

So that’s it for now Dolls,



  1. Great choices :)
    The coat and the bag from Zara ara amazing!!

  2. Loving the Zara bad and the cardigan in the first photo x

  3. I will be getting that coat too when the clock hits 12am on that faithful day! muahaha
    great post! X

    1. We'll be runny around in our coats together haha


  4. great choices!! the first zara bag is on my wish list as well!! i adore it!!
    Alice|Alice's Beauty Madness

  5. Love your wishlist:)

  6. Love the coat and the hat!

  7. I loved your wishlist, especially the Zara coat. :)

  8. lovely picks! Love the hat! xo's

    Pink Frenzy

  9. I;ve been dying to try the benefit liner as I know so many people who love it!

  10. great choices... this benefit gel liner is in my wishlist too

  11. I love the flats you chose and the booties in the first pick! to die for!!

    1. I know right... love them too.. thank you for reading and commenting x

  12. Benefit Pushup Eyeliner is love, love your wishlist <3

  13. I'm in the process of filtering out my closet to leave it a bit more minimalist. I could definitely use a few of these staples.

    Maggie A


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