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Christmas Guide for HER

1.           Concert Tickets  - Concert tickets are always a great gift to get your significant other. You probably know what artists she’s loved for the longest time, e.g. Nicki Minaj & Trey Songs or Drake’s European tour (2015) in the Uk and Ireland. Sometimes going for a more intimate concert is advisable plus you get to save some money. Check out some of the up and coming artists she’s been feeling lately. A friend of mine went to see Ed Sheran when he played Vicar Street in Dublin a few years ago, at the time he was just starting out and now he sells out multiple nights at the O2. So beat the queue,head over to Ticketmaster and take her to see that next big star first!

2.          Perfume Gift Sets – I think a truly elegant gift to get her is “La Vie Est Belle”, which is French and translates to “life is beautiful”. Every girl likes to channel her inner Parisian girl and feel like a Pretty woman, Lol See what I did there?  Plus it smells divine so she will love it. Another great thing about getting gift sets is you save a ton of money as the perfume is standard price or less but comes with a lot of fun extras. One thing I know about us girls is we never like to buy our own expensive perfumes, we like when someone else buys them for us on special……. or any occasion really *laughs*.

3.          Curling Iron  - Curling wands are useful tools to quickly give her look an extra oomph! So head on over to Boots cause at this time of year they do great deals on curling wands and curling Irons and you could save up to 50%.  Check out the type of curlers she already owns and go for one with a slightly different curl pattern, from GHD’s to Babyliss you’ll find the perfect curling Wand to get her.

4.          Jewelry & Watch – Jewelry is always a great choice for us ladies…. They do say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but if you’re not trying to break the bank then anything shiny will do. From sparkly earrings to dazzling statement piece necklaces. I have suggested this Sterling silver Pandora Birth stone Ring, there’s basically one for every month based on birth month.  I own a Pandora charm bracelet I got a few years ago so I can definitely recommend Pandora as a brand.  

5.          Bag - A Bag is an awesome gift for her this Christmas. Who doesn’t want a new bag? River Island and Zara have some lovely bags in stock at the moment or you can go for the more pricey ones like Kate Spade, DKNY or this Michael Kors Selma I have above. The key is to know her style. RESEARCH! Ask yourself does she carry shopper tote bags, satchels, or duffle bags and then go by what you think will suit her. She will love the thought you put into choosing it and she’ll be flattered that you know her bag preferences.

6.         Makeup – Now if she’s a makeup lover, makeup junkie or even a makeup Artiste, then please kindly find your way to your nearest mac cosmetics counter. Mac eye shadows are great but pretty pricey when bought individually so I have suggested the warm pre-made palette as it comes with neutral tones that will easily enhance every skin tones. She can play around with the colours and use it all year round and all at a gift worthy price.

7.          Portable Charger– Funnily enough my friend Alison gave me this gift idea. Girls love their phones and also snapchat and we all know snapchat is a battery drainer. A fantastic and SUPER useful gift Idea is a portable charger so she can take snap photos and videos to her heart’s content. Some of these portable chargers come in pretty cool shapes so are even mirrors so she can use it to fix up her makeup as well.

8.         Trainers – Christmas is the perfect time to get her Nike trainers or running shoes as this is the time when she’s preparing for the famous New Year’s resolution of absolute healthy eating and fitness. A bit of encouragement with a new pair of Nike trainers will serve as the perfect motivator.

Now those are some suggestions of great presents for Her, but if all else fails and you are still confused then just buy her a gift voucher for her favourite store. If you’re a hopeless gift giver chances are she already knows and will still love you regardless. Gift giving is not everybody’s forte, it's the thought that counts.
Until next time with love, 

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  1. I agree with all of them! absolutely great gifts and I would love them all!

  2. Great list... I love all of your picks especially makeup and perfume gift sets.. :)

  3. You can never go wrong with some perfume x

  4. Great gift ideas I would love a Michael Kors perfume sadly out of my budget right now.


    1. Im sure youll get it soon, thanks for commenting x

  5. Great gift ideas here. Nathan has bought me some new lights so I can blog and film properly again now. Very glamorous ... not ;)

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

  6. These all would make a wonderful gift :) Thanks for sharing! x

    Pink Frenzy

  7. Swooning over the perfume sets! :)

  8. I love the Lancôme perfume, it smells absolutely beautiful! Some lovely ideas here :)

    Jess xo

  9. I love the Lancôme perfume, it smells absolutely beautiful! Some lovely ideas here :)

    Jess xo

  10. Some great choices! MK bag is on my list and I am loving the Nike Trainers xx

  11. These are fabulous gifts! La Vie Est Belle is my current favourite perfume and I'm hoping I'll get a one for Christmas x


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