2014…wow it feels so surreal to think that this year is basically over, although the year seemed way longer in my eyes. 2014 has definitely been the panicle of my life so far and also my most adventurous year yet. I dug a lot deeper within myself and I am more understanding of the type of person I am. I gained friendships this year that aspire to last a lifetime that by comparisons have forced to re-valuate and question what true friendship means to me.
This year I visited the hospital for the first time in my life and its still an unfamiliar memory to me, almost as if it never happened. It was the scariest experience of my life and it couldn’t have happened at a worst time but it taught me appreciate the gift that is life and not take it for granted as we all do!

In my house I’m the annoying one that always wants to sail away with the wind and the best thing about 2014 is after my final exams is I got to do just that, travel. First stop was America with the whole family. We went to the touristy Florida, visited all the amazing attractions and even managed to squeeze in a mini road trip to Tampa to visit the Busch Gardens. I vlogged the whole trip on my YouTube channel and the whole family agreed it was the best Family vacation EVER!
Next Stop was Lagos, Nigeria in July with the family once more, which was actually quite unexpected. I literally woke up one morning and said to my mum Let’s go to Nigeria. I’m glad we went as I got to see relatives I hadn’t seen in a long time and some baby pictures too. The food was GREAT too!  That Sensation chicken for the win!
In August I had the most amazing 21st birthday in Paris and with one of my best friends. I officially became an Adult in every country… WHOOP! My hotel suite was to die for and it had the best view of Paris too. Most days we went site seeing and shopped and on my birthday we went clubbing on the Champ Elysees at Queen Nightclub and DJ Lesty made it a night I will never forget.

When summer ended, I was back in Ireland and I felt a bit lost so I decided to take my parents’ advice and do my masters at the University of Surrey. This meant I would move to England and it would be a brand new adventure. Everything was truly perfect but for some reason I just wasn’t excited to go. In the back of my mind I had this tiny screaming voice that said don’t do it but I suppressed it and decided to go anyway.
When I arrived in surrey I had this amazing place and I made these awesome friends. In my mind I call them my three J’s...(JD, Joy and Jesse), my awesome classmates Allyson, president Seb and my River Island girls.

Everything seemed great for the first 2 weeks and then I started to notice that something was missing still. I wasn’t happy. I said to myself I must give myself some time to adjust but eventually I came to the realisation that I had forced myself into being somewhere I wasn’t ready to be. I went to see my personal advisor and I left my masters and it’s been the best decision Ever! 2 months later I have zero regrets, I’m glad I went to Surrey because I got to meet amazing people and if I never went we would have never met.

I decided to stay in England until Christmas regardless of leaving Uni and I fell into a mini depression, as I didn’t really know what I wanted to do with my life. I found myself getting closer to God and after a while I had this epiphany and I realised everything didn’t matter. Life to me is about finding one’s own path and staying true to that. I learnt to set myself free from expectations and live for myself and not others, make my own decisions and stand by them and their consequences.

So for me 2014 has been an AMAZING year, I graduated with my honours degree, turned 21,traveled a fair bit and gained some amazing friends along the way.  I learnt to be myself more as well as live for myself and most importantly, follow my heart in all things.What a Rolla coaster of a year but honestly I wouldn’t change a thing.

Now to read chapter 2015! I Have faith it’s full of Amazing moments.

Until next time with love, 

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  1. Great post and lovely photos!
    I'm sure you have even more fabulous and successful 2015, lovely :)

    Lu | www.balgarka.co.uk

  2. Love this post, hope next year is even greater x

  3. Beautiful photos - wishing you a happy new year!

    Frankie x

  4. Such a lovely post, good luck for 2015 :)

  5. Wow such amazing pictures, ive been sat oogling them for a while now ha.... hope 2015 is amazing x

  6. Such an inspiring post and what an unforgettable year. I would love to write something like this but I literally would not know here to start haha. I hope you have a lovely New Year!

    Sophia Meola | A Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog


    1. Start from the heart .... and wish you a lovely new year also x thanks for reading and commenting x

  7. Aw great post! lovely pictures, might give this ago!


  8. lovely post! congrats on the degree x

  9. Great post lovely, wishing you all the best for 2015 :) xxx Thou Shalt Not Covet

  10. This is such a great post. You really did experience a lot throughout 2014 and how lovely was it to go to paris for your 21st too? Hoping that 2015 brings you happiness :) x

  11. This reads really well Debbs! Your train of thoughts was superb as well.
    I could relate to majority of your experiences personally and together :)
    Meeting you was definitely a highlight of my year!
    Love you hun
    JD (your favorite of the Jays lol )

  12. I am glad to know that you had a great year! Have a wonderful new year!

  13. Sounds like a pretty good year, your 21st sounds amazing! Hoping 2015 brings you happiness :)

    Jess xo

  14. Seems like you had a great year! Hope next one will be even better :)

    Pink Frenzy

  15. Such a beautiful post... glad you had a great year hun... x

  16. Oh wow! this was beautiful from beginning to end! keep it up

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