It’s a New Year Dolls, HAPPY NEW YEAR to each and every one of you and a huge THANK YOU for your support throughout 2014.
I spent my NYE in church, how did you dolls spend yours?
If you are African... Side-eye *laughs*.

So as you may have noticed certain things have changed on this blog. Firstly I'm now self-hosting at Yay! I’ve been blogging for a few years so I thought it was about time, plus the blog layout has changed so I hope you love it as much as I do.

This year, 5 major things are going to change on UBH and my channel:

1. More Consistency and less irregular posts. I have constructed a schedule for my channel MsDebDeb and lé blog and I think it’s reasonable to start small and increase as time permits.
2. Scheduling: There will be new Videos Every Monday and Friday and New blog posts every Wednesday and Sunday starting next week. I’m going to Strive to stick to this schedule! Like seriously STRIVE! But when life does get in the way I will still try to get the videos up ASAP.                                                             When I’m free, extra videos and posts.
3. Variety: Some new things I’m incorporating into my youtube videos are individual random product reviews, more Lookbooks and makeup videos. For this site, I may look into Men’s fashion because it’s been kind of mentioned to me a few times lately. Nothing too crazy though, maybe just “Outfit Ideas For Him” Posts.  I also want to do more lifestyle posts that are a bit outside the box.
4. MORE! Giveaways, everyone that knows me well knows I love to give stuff away! I go a bit over the top sometimes, well that just me. So look out for a lot of random and fun giveaways.
5. Sociability: Sometimes I can be a bit out there and communicate a lot and sometimes I find myself being a bit of a recluse. Well, this is my year of socialising with EVERYBODY! And I mean everyone. If you are my friend on Facebook you may notice I’ve been commenting a lot more on pictures (I find a simple compliment really can brighten someone’s day) and reading more blog posts and just being more interactive. I’ve always really been social, I just want to do a bit more of it this year.

You can find me on:
My channel MsDebDeb, on Instagram, on Bloglovin,on Facebook on Twitter

Lots of New Year Hugs and Kisses,


  1. Love Love Love I totally agree with everything especially the being more interactive and stuff with others, hanging out more with humans(speaking of we should meet up soon after exams),lol and reading more blogs . Well done babe x

    1. Yes, let me know when your'e done with your exams :D Thank you for reading doll x

  2. I can see my favorite perfume in the background, Chanel Chance :D Wish u all the best with ur blogging and life goals for 2015.... Happy new year :)

  3. OOh some good goals here, good luck x

  4. You have some great goals (: I wish you luck with them

  5. love your new layout, good luck with all your goals.


  6. Happy new year sweetie. Looking forward to your regular posts. xx

  7. great resolutions!!! Good luck with everything!!!
    Alice|Alice's Beauty Madness

  8. I'm definitely trying to include a variety of posts more. hope you have a great 2015 and accomplish these :)

  9. These are such lovely goals! I am excited to see all your new content. Lots of love xxx

  10. Firstly the layout is lovely and I love that photo! I's say all 5 should be pretty achievable! x

  11. Beautiful photo! You have some lovely aims for 2015, wishing you all the best <3

    Jess xo


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