Happy new season and welcome to the first post in my spring blog series. Yay!
 So dolls, What does spring mean?

As a self-confessed ex-shopaholic (jk lol) and previous clothing and makeup hoarder, I find it kind of therapeutic cleaning out my closet and makeup. I constantly have either big clothing purges or mini wardrobe revamps to get rid of old things and make room for the new and I've found that with clothing "LESS IS MORE". I think I change and rearrange my wardrobe and room every few weeks.

Although I'm currently Spring Cleaning my own wardrobe, makeup collection and room, I thought I'd focus on the clothing part with you dolls and share some of my tips on how best to spring clean your closet and dispose of old/unwanted clothes. Last summer I started a slow lifestyle transition in order to switch to a suitable form of minimalist living for myself, so I've been buying more key pieces and less of well..... EVERYTHING! (oh maturity loooool). 
So you have to consider:
You have to consider when the right time is for you to get rid of old clothes. A lot of people like myself like to do so seasonally. Check out Pinterest for some spring wardrobe inspiration. 
(I've been so obsessed with spring room decor on Pintrest...but this post is not about that loool) 
How Much Time?
How much time do you have to dedicate to clearing out your wardrobe. If you're in college or you're a professional you might want to pick a day to go through everything.
Tidy Up First! 
If your room is not at it's best then giving it a good tidy up will make it easier to see your clothes and in turn sort them into the appropriate piles. 
Sentimental or Hoarding?
You have to consider which items are sentimental and which item fall into the hoarder category and NO ! not everything can be sentimental to you! HOARDER ALERT!
Contemplating Methods Of Disposal?
Then comes the final part, how are you going to dispose of your clothes?
 Read on Below, I've included some general assessment questions and gone through the 3 options of disposal I follow.

7 questions You should ask yourself when assessing each outfit:
· Does this fit? 
· Have I worn this in the last 12 months? 
· Is it likely I will ever wear this again? 
· Is this currently in style, and/or does this still accurately represent my style? 
· If this is damaged in any way, will I actually make the effort to get this repaired ?
· If I was shopping right now, would I buy this? 
· And most importantly: Do I feel confident when I wear this? 

Option 1 "Donate it"
There are many charity shops in Dublin that are worthy of receiving old unwanted clothes and also help great causes like cancer, children the homeless. St Vincent De Paul, Barnados, Oxfam and The Irish cancer society are just a few examples of great charity shops in your local area or city.I think it's easier to sleep at night knowing my old unwanted clothes have gone to a great cause and are helping those that are less fortunate and in need of more affordable clothing that was maybe worn only once.
Option 2 "sell it"
Another option I think is very reasonable especially if you don't want to waste cash buying new clothes all the time when you have a stash of valuable clothes (especially branded ones), is to sell the used ones and buy new ones with the money you make. This is a good way to recycle your clothing and turn the old into the "Brand New.
Check out my Depop ! Msdebdeb new items will be up soon x 
Option 3 "Trash it"
This is the last option when getting rid of old clothes. I feel like the only reason you should trash clothes and not go for options 1 & 2 is because it is damaged, has a permanent stain (it happens) or it is not in good enough condition to be donated or sold.

I hope this post helps some of you dolls as you carry out your spring cleaning, comment below any other charities or method of disposal you can think of x

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  1. I think I am definitely going to do this! I have so much clothes and they need to go!

  2. Oh my gosh I am SUCH a hoarder, I just can't get rid of anything! I know, when I do eventually have a clear out I feel so much better though! xx

  3. I keep anything and everything! Recently we have just had work on our house so that pushed me to get rid of a load of things, I really did feel so much better after doing so xxx

    Charli | Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger at CHARLI B

  4. Such a great idea! I need to do this to my book collection! will be taking a look at your video soon xx

  5. I usually keep everything, but when I move house I tend to through out things I'm not using. Greta post! x

    Pink Frenzy

  6. I spend way too much time on Pinterest dreaming of my ideal house, thing is I would never fit in everything I want x

  7. I need to learn to live by those rules!

  8. some great tips! i need clear my wardrobe. been longing to do it for ages but am putting it off lol

  9. My closet is in desperate need of spring cleaning. I think I 'm going to just wake up one morning and throw everything on the bed that way I have no choice but to go through everything. THanks for the tips!


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