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Playsuit Jfrweden ("Deborah20"- Discount Code)
Clear Glasses\\ Jfrsweden
Shoes Ego
Denim Coat \\ Bershka
Bag\\ Gucci

Ok, This Blog is not 100% perfect yet but who the Hell gives a fuck ....!! Adeola D Adesina ....the Perfectionist....That's the word that best describes me but I am learning to not let striving for perfection hold me back from progressing.....So I'm going to post this outfit anyway.

Hmmmm .... Since last ive been here I have loosened up a bit, maybe someone I've been spending too much time with has been rubbing off on me positively, of course. I went on a blogging break on the 9th of November 2015 and life certainly has been happening since......i'm almost 24 ishhh... I'm so excited to be back.

This post is a collaboration is with and you can use my code 'Deborah20' for money off anything you may purchase on their site. How cute is the white playsuit ?  Its made in Italy and the clear glasses are just so perfect for summer time. Guys, Ive been living in my Bershka Demin jacket, its oversized and everyone keeps asking does that belong to you ? yes its mine I just like it oversized.

Since I've been gone a while... Let's have a quick catch up, shall we ?


  • I got into my Postgrad course and I was so happy. 
  • Had a summer filled with alot of great but also sad moments ... #Summer16, Im only going to focus on the positives, I think I struggled with loneliness since my family spent the summer in Nigeria, although I was always surrounded by people at work placement... acquaintances etc.
  • Got a fantastic work placement in Primark HQ. 
  • I went on my first solo ever Trip in December to Amsterdam and Venice, I learnt so much about myself and I truly recommend it to anyone who is brave enough. 


  • The day after my final exams, I had a severe car accident after being blinded at night on the back roads. Looking back now, Im glad it happened as it gave me a new lease on life and it makes me appreciate every breath I take and inspires me to live each day like it's my last. Some days I still take life for granted though. 
  • Jaydee got married on the 18th of February and guess what she met her husband on my youtube channel..... How Amazing !! I thank God I reply my 
  • I have Post-graduated from my Masters in Fashion Buying and Management YAAY !!! (Fun-fact when I wrote my last post I didn't even know if I would get into the course or be able to do it But God came through for me as always.)
  • I joined the gym and started some sort of a fitness Journey, its such a work in progress. 


This is a real thing....That's very beautiful, when its pure, natural and unforced.

 Work In Progress

Ive caught the travel bug. This isn't a new obsession but i'm doing it more often and i'm loving it. I always feel so inspired and touched by each new destination I visit for the first time. The south of France, Italy, Greece and Portugal ..... I get this thrill of excitement that's unexplainable and I cant wait to see and learn more about the different places I visit in the future. 

In multiple aspect of my life I'm such a work in progress and I'm surprisingly ok with that. I'm taking some time of to really THINK deeply about alot of things in my life. Ive concluded that because I live on a small island, alot of small mindedness goes on. I'm determined to see beyond the island, the world is a very big and beautiful place and I aspire to always think beyond my surroundings. 
I have so much to be thankful and grateful for.... 

I'm finally back and boy have I missed my blog, there will be a new post every week.

Deb x

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