My Summer Wishlist #1

Wishing on a star........
  1. 1.
    feel or express a strong desire or hope for something that cannot or probably will not happen.

    "we wished for peace"

1.Chanel Boy Bag in Nude/Cream:  I wish a Chanel bag would magically appear on my door steps. Thats unlikely though but i'm going to buy one soon  though and its going to be a personal reward from me to me. You've gotta show life that even if you take an L you will always bounce back. 
I would like one in Nude as its not everyday buy black.

2. Black Fur Coat: I NEED a black fur coat. I have a pink one and a grey one, oh black fur coat where are thou ?, Probably would be smart to get it off -season for autumn winter,plus in Ireland anything goes really. 

3. Red Lipstick: Red, the colour that makes you feel ,high-end, sexy and classy. Ruby woo by Mac has died now, whats next ? a matte liquid lipstick in the shade RED.

4. A New Wallet (YSL maybe): I feel like i'm an man at heart looool not in a I want to literally be a man but I have so many male traits. I love fast cars, getting down and dirty when it comes to sports and i grew up basically a tomboy. Don't be fooled by the makeup, nails and eyelashes. like a guy, I dont carry purses/wallets just my car in my back pocket. I need to change that as i'm always like .... ??? where oh where is my card?

5. Morphe Makeup Brushes: Confession, i've lost a lot of my makeup brushes LOL, time to stock up. I want to try Morphe brushes because I've heard great things ...hmmmm. 

6. Nude Prestos:  During my masters a classmate of mine had black Prestos a I thought they looked so freaking sleek. I haven't had a chance to pick up a pair but I would love them in nude or khaki green ... LUSH !!!.

7. Sophia Webster Heels: If I was to get a pair of designer heels they would be either sophia webster or Jimmy Choo heels. I love the butterfly effect Sophia webster heels have going on at the back.They are just fabulous. 

"Your are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it happen"
-Richard Bach

Whats on your wish list ?,,

Keep wishing. 

Deb x 

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